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Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018

Cosplay is back

hey ya guys.

It`s been a loooooong time since my last post here Oo
Oh my oh my.....shame on me XD

Well i have a big excuse why i did not posting any stuff here, i was mostly using instagram or fb because its way faster....but not only that, i was working on 2 armors at the same time ^^

I was into hospital to get removed a bad tumor into my throat and yeah, i realised that i am still "young" so why not reentering the cosplay world again?! and so we did. Our outfits that we last weared as Teenagers ( ten years + ago) still fits us, but we thought- we wanted something new.
Everybody who knows me, also knows how much i love skyrim ^^ Its my favorite game and spend over 500 hours on it Oo ( holy mother of cows)  Also created some ball jointed dolls based on that Game XD ahaha  . Well the daedric armor was and is my favorite armor from skyrim and i had to bring it to real life. My girlfriend absolutly loves the valkyrie armor ( skyrim mod from zerofrust)  and so i tried, worked with several materials. I used worbla and eva foam but i honestly prefer myself eva foam XD ^^°  the first things that i was making was the swords- i never did something like this before and to be honest and didn`t follow any tutorials, because once i did trying it with a tutorial- it ended up in a nah nah nah, i made it how i felt like was right ^^ and here are my results: photos are made from Nikwithacam, Kingsmanfotos , neomaniazombieshots, and also many more where we are waiting for the mails XD

so and this time i`m not gonna talking about bjds XD sry

See ya