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Taucht mit uns die Welt der Fantasie, der Gegenwart und der Zukunft. Neben dem Thema der Kreationen, finden in diesem Blog auch BJDs ihren Platz....taucht also ein....


Dolls and Stuff for Sale

What we have for sale is listed below

super cute handmade MSD dress- fits  msds and slim msds

only 30 Euros plus shipping


Impldoll Yilia in normal skin- yellow 
She has moded ears that can be removed easily.
She comes as Pictured and cost only 150 Dollar plus shipping
SHe has no COA or Box because Impldoll gifted her to as


BAbydolly dress with jacket for 50 Dollar plus shipping

It fits SD 10-13 Dolls

Lelahel Dress for dolls like Lillycat ellana ( first edition)
Also fits magicmirror studio msd dolls

This goergous dress goes home to you for 95 dollar plus shipping


Totoro pants made by Hellcorgi
for only 25 dollar plus shipping
they fits Sd 10-13 dolls


Precious Dress made by Nalisinko
Fits SD 16 dolls
Price: 130 dollar plus shipping


jeans pants made by kojiro for nyid dolls
only for 10 dollar plus shipping


super cute Sio2 Kitty for sale
comes like pictured but without eyes
it comes home to you for 150 EUROS plus shipping

 Jeans pants in Sd10-13 size
for only  20 dollar plus shipping

If interested in buying something, please comment down below and i will contact you about it <3

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  1. Hi! I’m super interested in purchasing your Sio2 Civet Cat! I messaged you on instagram yesterday, and I just wasn’t sure if you still were active on their or here... Whatever is true, I’m really interested in buying! My user name is the same on here as well as instagram (@celesteeia). I hope you can get back to me!