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Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Dolls dolls dolls


Hi dear friends, fellows and strangers XD

Well today i have some lill tiny news- yeah!
And you know what news mean?- Right! New incomings!

We will get  3 new incomings!


Sio2 Sheep

This cute lill thing has to join our resin-family. Its way tooooooo cute!

But that`s not enough! Another Sio2 doll is ordered!
A cute little Dragen-li Kitty

and last but not least:

A Culur Theory An

We took her in grey skin! From the beginning on, we liked the way she was sculpted <3


And now i will show you some of our dolls that got some changes ^^

Our Ruvik. Isn`t he awesome? I burn`d his clothes and made them dirty, so that it looks more real .
Ruvik is a Ios Blue

Then our cute girl Dea. She got new eyes and new clothes which are made by our friend Kojiro Sieben <3  Dea is a Supiadoll Haeun

 Our Wrench! Still working on his west, since it isn`t finished yet. Wrench ( hidden name Reginald) 
is a Ios Nova 


Our big boy Quentin Valentin <3 He got some new eyes ( he has 2 different eye colors) and also some new clothes, which are made by our friend Kojiro Sieben ^u^
Quentin is a Granado Jupiter with moded elf ears 

my big grail doll Liam <3 <3 I`ve made a few days ago, a new wig for him, also redid his face-up and he got his new eyes ^o^ I love the way Liam turned out. Liam is a 5th Motif Venitu with modet elf ears 

 Anybody remember our girl Bean?

 There she is - finally with some clothes that fits her ^^ Yesterday, she got her new eyes ^u^ 
Also the wig and face-up are done by us <3 The clothes are also done by our friend Kojiro Sieben <3
Bean is a Iplehouse Soo
and the last one with some changes XD

This is our men Thyres. I made him a new wig, which fits him so well! Thyres is a Granado Enoch with moded ears and face-up by me 

lets talk about wips and projects 

everybody who knows me, knows , that i need to do a lot of things at the same time XD

well so i started to make this:

It`s far away from a doll now, but it goes step by step ^u^

and the most of you, who already had played the new Zelda- breath of the wild, knows who Sidon is!
And yeah! I am about to sculpt his head !


Oh wow  i already wrote a lot
so  its time to come to an end <3

So dears, thanks for watching/reading

see ya

to my honeybunny
Bildergebnis für cuddling animals

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