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Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

New Bjds whohooooo

Hello dear friends and strangers 

Well, I have a few news about our dollies ^^

The sad thing was, that we didn`t got Mari...BUT the good thing is, we got ALL of our money back!
As we saw on instagram, that a friend of us, is selling a Depths dolls Abyss, we had to write her. 
So we did and yay, we got that damn cute lill mermaid ^u^

Look, there she is : 

Abyss is the white one , the one in tan skin is our Deilf that we bought on Ldoll 2016 

But this cutie isn`t the only one that came home!
Say hello to our beloved Supiadoll Haeun! She even is much prettier as into the compaany pics!
Its always so interesting, how a doll can look like by other owners <3 

She`s awaiting her new eyes from KOK dolls ^u^
Her name is Dea and she is one of our characters of our "skyrim" storylines ^^

But wait? What is this? Another doll ? Yes! 
We got a Iplehouse Soo <3 
Her sweatshirt was a lovely gift from a friend of us- big thanks to Kai <3 

Here is her face-up, that i`ve made her ^u^  Isn`t she amazing ? <3 <3 <3
She will be the girlfriend of our Wrench and the daughter of our couples Grace and Caith ^^


and now a lill bit of random stuff

I`ve made new wigs dor our dollis

one for Giorra: 

and one for our soom Benmore aka Salasar 

he looks so good with his new wig ^o^

and some wips :

everybody who knows skyrim, will know this table ^^ I`m using cardboard and modeling clay ^^

It is still not finished XD

Also about to make 2 new dolls ( maybe avaible for ldoll 2018) 

Lill Ceo is our new and tiny doll. Here you can see a wip of her body ^^ ( she got a nice butt right ? XD haha) 

and here is the base of the fin of our new msd sized girl:

I will keep you guys updatet ^^

And thats it for know !
Have a great day dear fellows and friends 

to my honey 

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