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Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

new stuff ? For sure XD

Aloa dear fellows and friends

Long time non see XD

I hadn`t  much time to write an entry , but know i will updating it XD

So , first off, we got some dolls that we are waiting for.

First one :

Magic Mirror Maeve in SD size

Face-up and wig is done by us <3  She has no body for now, but will get one ordered in her skin tone by impldoll- asap we will get our 2 pygmalion heads

We had her already in a smaöller version, but we trade her for a Fairyland Cygne <3 

so then we received our Dollfamily-a Ludwig head - as you can see, i mod him some horns and piercings on XD Also gave him some fantasy ears 

cute right ?  haha ^^ We also receive the second dollfamily-h head zhuang qi 

The face-up you can see here, is still from the previous owner. i will make him a new one asap  i have purity seal at home lol

then, finally, our sio2 Kitty came home <3 

then with blushing that i`ve made

and here a picture of our trio of sio2 dolls

and also our Arok arrived ^^ He is a Ios Mono in fantasy version <3 

 The new 70 Class body of dollios is by the way soooooooooooooooooooo amazing <3  it has really an amazing shape - specially from the side view.

so that`s about what we received the last past time XD

we was also a bit creative and started to make own yarn wefts

i really love the way how colorful our wefts turned out ^^

My gf made also a tiny lill kimono for our limedoll

it fits  Momohime soooooo well <3 

also started to make BJD headphones

cute right ? hihi , made them out of fimo <3 

then Dagger- our Breton knight ^^ I`ve made him finally his new wig :

also redid Caiths face-up and cut his wig  ^^ I love the way how he looks now :

also can show you finally a picture of Elric and his wife Samina together ^^

and last but not least....RUVIK Spam <3 

Love this game character sooooo much ! But the good thing is - we have Ruvik as BJD XDDDDD muahahahaha

He is sooooo epic <3 ^u^

so dears, that was it for now

See ya

to my honeymoon <3 <3 <3 

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